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About Us - Apollo International

Apollo International is the leading Solution Provider of Brass, Copper & Other Metal Components in India. Our company provides solutions and services to the reputed organization in the national and international markets.

Our company provides solutions for Brass, Copper & Other Metal Components to the various industries. Like, Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Marine Instruments, Aerospace, Gas & Oil Industries, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Industries, Plastic Molding, General Engineering, etc. With years of experience & broad vision toward Total Quality in every aspect. Our company has earned its name worldwide in the manufacturing and supply field.individual phone casereplica watch repair

We are manufacturer and exporter of the Brass, Copper & Other Metal Components. Our Quality and technical awareness have supported us to build goodwill in the market. Our Quality ranges are highly durable and chemical resistant. We manufacture components based on customer requirements Like Brass Auto Parts, Brass Inserts, Brass Fasteners, Types of Hinges, Brass Hose Connectors, Brass Pipe Fittings, Brass Sanitary Fittings, Brass Transformer Parts, Brass Battery Terminals, Brass Cable Glands, Brass Earthing Accessories, Brass Electrical Connectors.

We are an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company in the manufacturing field. We have advanced technology that gives us Total Quality Solutions for Brass Components. We arrange learning opportunities for all our employees. We always follow the health & environmental policies.

We always welcome the development of new Products. We Manufacture Brass, Copper & Other Metal Components based on Samples, Drawings, or Standards references. Our Products have confirmed the requirement of RoHS of European Standard.

We welcome you to share a healthy long-term business relationship.

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Our Vision, Mission & Core Values.

Mission Statement : “Helps the customers by providing the best Quality Products.”

Our Mission : “Provide the most accurate and assured quality products to the customers.”

Our Vision guides us in every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish, to continue achieving sustainable quality growth.”

Our People are the greatest asset of our company. We make every effort to provide an environment that inspires and encourages them with the help of knowledge sharing.”

Our Products are among the top of the industries. We always produce our products based on customers' needs and desires. We also keep in mind the style and function of the products.”

Our Partners are the backbone of our success. Every day we work to strengthen and expand upon our relationship while creating mutual and enduring value.”

Our Profit drives towards long-term returns, while we insist on remaining responsible.”

Our Core Values are the single greatest asset of our company's culture and success. They promote a Productive atmosphere, By encouraging mutual respect and engagement.”

Focus on the Customer is at the heart of our success. We listen to our customers with dignity and respect.”

We Work as Team with a shared goal of recognizing diversity within. We Empower ourselves through sharing knowledge while encouraging contributions from everyone. Build a positive team spirit.”

Innovation allows us to continuously improve all aspects of our business, providing solutions that benefit our customers.”

Integrity is an essential part of our reputation. Be Honest with customers. Take your responsibility. Be passionate & Determined about your work. Be accountable for every our actions.”

“We Built Communication-based upon an honest relationship with customers. That makes a strong foundation and makes a powerful impact on our company.”

“Always be honest and truthful in every aspect of the business!”

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