Quality Brass & Copper Components by Apollo International.

Apollo International is one of the leading solution providers of brass, Copper & Other Metal components in India. Our company provides solutions and services to the reputed organization in the national and international markets. Brass is the first preference for industrial and agricultural applications.

We provide solutions of brass components to the various industries like Automotive, Electrical & Electronics , Marine Instruments, Aerospace, Gas &Oil Industries, Pneumatic &Hydraulic Industries, Plastic Molding, and General Engineering, etc. With years of experience &a broad vision towards Total Quality in every aspect. Our company has earned its own name worldwide in the field of manufacturing and supply.

We are manufacturer and exporter of the brass components. Our Quality and technical awareness have supported us to build goodwill in the market. The Quality ranges that we manufacture are highly durable and chemical resistant. It's our duty to taking care of the customer's requirements by providing a wide range of brass components. Like, Brass Auto Parts , Brass Inserts , Brass Fasteners , Types of Hinges , Brass Hose Connector , Brass Pipe Fittings , Brass Sanitary Fittings , Brass Transformer Parts , Brass Battery Terminals , Brass Cable Glands , Brass Earthing Accessories , Brass Electrical Connectors.

We are an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company in the field of manufacturing activities. We have advance technologies for enhancing the Total Quality System and arranging learning opportunities for all our employees. We always follow the health &environmental policies.

We always welcome to the development of the new Products. We Manufacture Brass, Copper & Other Metal Components on the base of Sample, Drawing, or Standards reference. Our Products have confirmed the requirement of RoHS of European Standard.

We welcome you to share a healthy long-term business relationship with us.

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