W Type Hinges

Types of W Type Hinges

W Type Hinges

W Type Hinges

W Type Hinges

W Type Hinges

W Type Hinges

  Components of W Type Hinges

Pin - The rod that holds the leaves together, inside the knuckle.

Knuckle - The hollow—typically circular—portion creating the joint of the hinge through which the pin is set. The knuckles of either leaf typically alternate and interlock with the pin passing through all of them. (aka. loop, joint, node or curl).

Leaf - The portions (typically two) that extend laterally from the knuckle and typically revolve around the pin.

  W Type Hinge Use.

W Type Hinges are the most popular type of hinge and Commonly used in designing doors, cupboard doors, flush doors as well as windows.

  W Type Hinges Recommended for

Designing doors, Cupboard doors, Flush doors as well as Windows Fittings.

  Materials for W Type Hinges

W Type Hinges can be made from a wide variety of materials, from steel to copper.

  Finishes for W Type Hinges

W Type Hinges have a broad range of finishes. Like Antique Brass, Antique Bronze-Lacquered, Satin Chrome, White Primed, Satin Nickel, Polished Chrome, Stainless Steel, Zinc Plated, Black Paint, Yellow Zinc, Satin Brass, Polished Brass, Bright Brass, Oil Rubber Bronze.

  Packing Details for W Type Hinges.

Standard Packing & Relevant markings are provided in each outer package.

  Available Price for W Type Hinges.

EX-Work, FOB — Freight On Board, C&F — Cost And Freight, CIF — Cost, Insurance and Freight, etc.

We provide quality W Type Hinges as per custom specifications (custom drawing and samples). For more information regarding W Type Hinges please Contact Us.

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